Wesley Foundation provides soul food

By Kreneice Reid

Wesley Foundation, the United Methodist Church campus ministry, is a well-established organization that has been hosting free luncheons at Northwest for a decade.

The Wesley Foundation welcomes everyone on the Northwest campus to the McLendon Center in room 124 every Wednesday at noon.

The weekly luncheon is sponsored by the church members of local United Methodist churches who donate money and volunteer to prepare fresh home cooked meals.

“This luncheon is the highlight of my week, our vision is to provide food for the body and soul,” David Huffman, director of the Wesley Foundation, said.

When asked what inspired him to start serving free meals to the community, Huffman stated, “I’m a pastor and I’ve always enjoyed working with young people. This luncheon grants me the opportunity to connect with the students and tell them a little bit about Jesus.”

The menu offers a variety of choices which includes: fried chicken, spaghetti, cupcakes and much more. These meals have proven to satisfy the taste buds of the hungry students. Pizza and cookies were served at the last luncheon on Jan. 22.

According to Huffman, BBQ burgers will be served when the weather warms up. The volunteers who contribute their time and dedication in making the luncheon successful are greatly appreciated by the locals who attend regularly.

“It was nice to fellowship with other students, and I was glad to see a Christian organization both supporting students and providing delicious meals. I enjoy the variety of my favorite foods that are served and look forward to attending the luncheon every Wednesday,” Devoe Walton, a sophomore exercise science major from Horn Lake, said.

Maya Clark, a sophomore general college major from Yazoo City thanked the organization by saying, “I appreciate you guys for doing what you do for the students here at Northwest. Although just providing a free meal once a week may seem like a small gesture, you give us encouragement to push through the week. Thank you for being selfless, genuine, and caring.”

Huffman also revealed that students who participate in the Wesley Foundation events should stay tuned because the organization is in the process of launching bigger events for the community.

For more information, feel free to contact David Huffman by email at revdhuffman@yahoo.com or follow the fan page on Twitter @NWCCWesley.

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