SDC to sponsor relationship workshop

By Terrell Wooten

Relationships in today’s generation are not exactly established through traditional methods.
People today would prefer meeting and having conversations on the Internet, rather than the old fashioned face-to-face encounter.
Dating in college follows a completely different set of rules. Just spending time with someone you have a crush on can be considered a relationship starter.  Aside from couples, college is mostly known for one-time hookups and nothing more, because statistics have proven that there is a slim chance of someone finding their soul mate while attending college.
Jennifer Smith, a counselor in the Student Development Center, has voluntarily put together an informal meet and greet event about relationships for students at Northwest.
“Valentine’s Day is approaching, so I feel the need to give our students the advice they need about how to not let their relationships hinder their chances of achieving success here at Northwest,” Smith said.
This workshop will take place on Feb. 4 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. in Panola Hall.
“I think it’ll be a good thing for couples,” Rudy Armstrong, a freshman broadcasting major from Calhoun City, said.
Smith has plans on hosting a helpful event every month this semester for the students on campus. For the month of March, there will be a workshop that will focus on how to dress appropriately, and according to some of the instructors on campus, it is desperately needed.
For more information or questions about this event, please contact Smith by phone at (662) 562-3318 or at email

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