Library introduces new mobile application for students

By Terrell Wooten

Could this be the next big thing? The librarians at Northwest have come across a way of making research for students and faculty easier than ever.

The library mobile app is a simpler and faster way for students on-the-go to find exactly what they need. All of the databases are available and everything is basically on one page. Faculty members can use it as well for higher education, but it is designed specifically for the students.

“We’re trying to make it to where there is only two or three punches of a button when searching for something on this app,” Maggie Moran, director of learning resources, said.

The library mobile app can be used on a smart phone or tablet and after downloading, just type in your username and password, which is the same as accessing canvas or webmail on the Northwest homepage. This will allow anybody to pull up all of the databases up to five, and then a request for the username and password once again will be required to get five more.

Another great feature of the app is being able to look up books and subject guides for whatever course the student is taking. Nursing students will likely benefit the most from this new piece of technology, because they will discover that this app is basically everything that the library provides in one page. All they have to do is click on it, and it pulls right up when they are out in clinicals, and this will assist them in doing the work that they need.

“Students do everything on their phone, so if you can access everything from the library on a smart phone, you would much rather do that, than to sit in a computer lab,” Courtney Hicks, reference librarian, said.

Students can access the learning resources centers for the libraries and can also email or call one of the librarians if help is needed. If anyone comes across anything unfamiliar, there are demos and videos of how to use the databases, which is still a work in progress but will be available very soon.

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