A happy start leads to a great ending for editor

Editorial by Terrell Wooten


As a kid growing up and attending school in Senatobia, I honestly had no plans for enrolling at Northwest.

I was always taught by my grandparents to never settle for the ordinary, go beyond limitations and break down barriers to prove to myself that I was worthy of great things before attempting to impress everyone else.

So, with that lecture embedded in the back of my brain, I began setting the bar high for myself. I said that after high school, I was going to attend Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida.

As a kid, I had dreams of one day becoming a screenwriter in the entertainment business. I was so confident about the possibility of moving to Florida and finally getting the chance to experience something different in my life.

Unfortunately for me, that plan fell short due to my mother’s paranoia that I personally diagnosed her with.  She had the nerve to tell me that I could not go to Florida, because it was too far away from home.

If something was to happen, she wouldn’t be able to reach me in time, which I totally understood, but I couldn’t help feeling disappointed at the same time.

Attending Full Sail University was something that I had planned for years. My mother talked me out of going and persuaded me into enrolling at Northwest.

On Orientation Day, my whole perception about Northwest changed.

Everything was so well put together, and the faculty welcomed me with open arms. My plan was to take up a writing major of some sort, but once I found out that writing for entertainment wasn’t available, I went with journalism.

I was taken to the Yalobusha Building where I met my wonderful adviser, Mrs. Carroll Huebner.

Mrs. Huebner has been a big help tremendously, and she is the reason why my time at Northwest was so fulfilling and amazing.

She went out of her way to make sure that I was satisfied in every way possible, when it came down to my education. I also want to acknowledge the ladies in the Public Relations office: Mrs. LaJuan, Mrs. Sarah and Mrs. Julie.

They have all been apart of my journey, and they have helped me gain the best experience possible and from the bottom of heart I would like to say, thank you.


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