Book buy back runs May 12-15

By Maggie Cates

The Ranger Bookstore will buy back textbooks during the week of finals on May 12-15.

All three bookstores in Senatobia, Southaven and Oxford will be buying back books, as a well as a separate person buying books at the Senatobia bookstore.

On the Senatobia campus, the bookstore will be open from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m., but the other campuses may have a later closing time, due to the night classes. Students should check their campus bookstore.

Students must have their student ID to sell their books.

If a student is thinking about selling their books, then now is the time, because the next chance will not be until summer.

According to Director of Union Services, Joel Boyles, a lot of students are already coming in trying to sell their books back.

Boyles said they only allow students to sell their books during finals week.

Normally students will get back 50 percent of what they originally paid, providing that the teacher of the class is not changing to a new edition.

Most of the books that they will buy back will be hard back, and they will buy some paperback books, Boyles said.

They will not buy folder books, due to the difficulty of making sure that they still contain every page and are in order.

Students will have to bring the books to them, so that they can decide if they will take it back.

The condition of the book also matters. The books cannot have any major damage, but they can have notes or highlighter marks in them and still be bought back.

Also, according to Boyles, it would be best for a student to watch his/her books carefully, as sometimes they are stolen around the end of the school year. If they are stolen, however, students should go to the bookstore and see if they have it.

If the book can be proven to be stolen, they can look back and see who sold it to them through the student I.D.

Textbooks can be expensive, and students should take this opportunity to get some money back, Boyles said.

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