New computer system starts in the summer

By Maggie Cates

Northwest will soon be getting a new computer system called, Campus Key. This new system will mostly affect faculty and staff, because a lot of the changes are ones that students will never see.

There are a few things that students might need to know about the new system.

First, students may have realized by now that they could not pre-register for summer classes this year. This is because of the new system.  This summer is when the new system will begin being used to register students.

Paige Norris, the assistant Registrar, said that students will have to register for their June summer classes and online summer classes on May 27. In order to register, it’s the same process as always, Norris said.

Second, the new system will eventually affect the student portals. In the new student portal, there will be more choices. The Director of Management Information Systems, Amy Latham, gave an example.

“Students will not only be able to see the classes they have already taken, but they will also see the ones they need to take in order to complete their majors.    This will bring students closer to eventually being able to register themselves for their classes,” Latham said.

Also, Latham said that it will be helpful for applying students to see what else they need to send to the school.

Third, Sarah Sapp, the director of Communications, put a competition on Facebook to see who can think of the best name for the new student portal. On April 24, the top three names were chosen. They were myNWCC (or myNorthwest), Ranger Portal and Ranger Gateway. The new name should be chosen by the end of the year.


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