What to wear and what not to wear to graduation

Fashion editorial by De’Issac House

Fashion is not just clothing.  It makes a statement from how you feel—to a way of life.

For this article, I will help you dress for graduation.

It’s more than putting on just any clothing to simply throw your robe on top of.

You must show class when attending such an event, because it is your finest hour.

Some people have shown their laziness when it comes to dressing for the biggest stage.

Men, when dressing for graduation, be comfortable but not too comfortable. Wear a nice pair of khakis or even a pair of slacks. The proper attire requires some kind of collared shirt and also a tie. It can be a bow tie, a regular tie or even a clip-on.  No matter what kind it is, invest in one because this is setting you up for success down the line.

The shoes are an important part, because it puts the whole outfit together. Your shoes also peak out from under your graduation robe.

Remember when you leave graduation, you are not wearing your robe home and what you wear will appear.

Now for the ladies, dress conservatively.

If you are going to wear a skirt or a dress, then you do not want to show too much. Ladies, you do not have to wear a dress or skirt if you are not comfortable In that. A nice pair of slacks or dress pants would be fine. Heels are preferred for either attire but do not put them on if you can not wear them. Flats would be fine and more comfortable for standing on your feet all day.

Most importantly, wear clothes that are appropriate and comfortable.  This is your day to celebrate your accomplishments with your family, so dress the part.

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