New faculty introduced on the Senatobia campus

By Samantha Whittle

The 2014 school year on the Senatobia campus has much to offer: new students, along with new faculty and staff. The new faculty and staff range from career-technical to the academic sections of Northwest.

Pamela Llana is an instructor in the nursing program. Her educational background includes a certificate in secondary education and degrees in medical technology and nursing. Llana earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Mississippi and her master’s degree from University of Tennessee Health Science Center. She has two goals while being at Northwest.

“First, I have an obligation to present education in nursing that serves to graduate accomplished and capable candidates to become registered nurses, serving the healthcare needs in our communities. Secondly, I hope to instill in my students that nursing is not just a job; it is a purposeful activity and calling,” Llana said.

Maya Berry is the digital librarian at the Senatobia campus. She has a Master of Science in Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She wants to help the library continue their great work with helping students obtain resources and books to read and learn from.

Dawn Stevens is an instructor in the business department. She attended Northwest and has holds a bachelor and masters degree in Business Administration from Delta State University. Stevens has very specific goals for her students.

“I’d like to see my students complete their degree at Northwest and go on to successful careers in business. Even more important, I’d like to see them become well rounded adults who contribute positively to their families and communities,” Stevens said

Allen “Brad” Bross is a teacher in the Industrial Electronics Engineering Technology program. He also graduated from this same program in 2012. While in this program, Northwest put Bross through a work-based learning program for Carlisle Syntec. His goal while at Northwest is to help students like him in the program and to improve the program.

“I hope that I can help my students just as Mr. Clark helped me when I came through. I want to help build the IEET program into what we know it can be,” Bross said.

Sarah Beth Tyler is a beginning English and literature instructor in the English department. She has a Master of the Arts in English from the University of Memphis. She also taught at the University of Memphis five years prior to teaching at Northwest. The main goal she has for both of the subjects she teaches is for her students to understand the work and learn how to confidently use what they learn in class in the future.

Shelley Miller works in the mathematics department. She has a Bachelor of Science in mathematics from the University of North Alabama and a Master of Science in mathematics from University of Mississippi. Miller wants to help her students in the classroom along with their future careers.

“While at Northwest, I hope to inspire my students to move forward in life with confidence, respect and a positive attitude,” Miller said.

Karin Randolph is the new student navigator for nursing as well as a clinical instructor for freshman and sophomores. She has a Bachelor of Science in nursing from University Medical Center School of Nursing and a Master of Science in Nursing Education. Randolph has been a nurse for 33 years and has practiced and managed nurses in all areas of nursing. Her dream of teaching nursing has now come true. Her goals consist of helping nursing students and future nurses to succeed in their professions.

“I see this role as a privilege and an honor because it not only helps Northwest and our students; it helps support the future of nursing. I see myself as a mentor, a role model, and a life coach for the students – someone they can count on to steer them in the right direction in all aspects of school and life,” Randolph said.

Perk Johnston is a vocational-technical instructor in the John Deere Agricultural Technology Program. His background in education is a high school diploma in 1999 from Magnolia Heights School. Johnston also attended Northwest then went on to Mississippi State University before earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Mississippi.

“While I am here at Northwest, my biggest goal is to make a difference in the life of today’s young people. We have the ability in our program to put people to work, and that is something to definitely be proud of,” Johnston said.

Harold “Doug” Johnson works in the English department. He has a Bachelor of Arts in English, a Master of Education in English Education and advanced studies in higher education curriculum. Johnson’s main goal while at Northwest is to help students become more effective readers, writers and thinkers.

“I want students to leave my classes feeling that they have grown as writers and capable of displaying their honed skill-sets in the workplace or at an institution of higher learning, Johnson said.”

Justin Robinson is the assistant director of bands and the marching band director. He achieved a bachelors degree in music education from Mississippi State University. In 2013, he received the Master of Music from a performance at the Pennsylvania State University. His goals for Northwest are to grow the band in size and talent.

“My goal, as far as size goes, would be to have between 175-200 in the Ranger Band each year. I would also like to build up the trumpet and horn studio, specifically, more music majors. I feel I can provide a solid foundation for aspiring musicians and music educators coming from a high school background before they continue on to get their Bachelors at another institution,” Robinson said.

Eleanor Nabors is a business instructor.. She has a Bachelor of Business Administration from Mississippi State University, a Master of Business Administration from the University of Mississippi and a Doctorate of Jurisprudence from Mississippi College School of Law. Nabors wants to help her students gains the skills they will need.

“My goal as a business instructor at NWCC is to teach my students the skills they’ll need to be successful in their future, educational paths and feel confident to reach for their career goals,” Nabors said.

Kimberly Poland is a biology instructor in the science department. She has an Associate of Arts degree from Itawamba Community College, Bachelor of Arts in English and Biochemistry from the University of Mississippi, and a Master of Science in Biotechnology from Middle Tennessee State University. She has also had many hours of research in the fields of neurobiology, forensics, pharmaceutics, synthetic chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology and analytical chemistry. Poland’s goals include teaching her students information that can help them in their future jobs along with being a good example to others and pursuing more knowledge for her by getting a PhD.

“I want to be an approachable, helpful, respectful, and hard working Biology instructor that expects the same from my students. I am committed to helping students succeed not only in Biology at Northwest Mississippi Community College but also in their future academic and professional endeavors,” Poland said.

Some of the other new faculty this year is Dr. Patricia Martin in biology/chemistry and Walter Ruby in the Industrial Electronics Technology department. Northwest is very lucky to have gained all of these new faculty members who are greatly qualified for their positions and hope to bring much to Northwest and its students.

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