Campus police making a presence on campus

By Lauren Benton & Kreneice Reid


Chief of Campus Police Zabron Davis works to make sure the Northwest campuses are as safe as possible.  (Photo by Lauren Benton)

Classes began Aug. 18 for Northwest students.  For Chief of Police Zabron Davis that means enforcing campus rules from the start.

“I’m very driven to make sure students are safe on campus and following the Student Guide,” Davis said.

Davis has been the Chief of Police at Northwest since July 1, 2013.

“The top three most violated rules on campus have been students parking in restricted areas, dress code violations and violation of visitation hours of the opposite sex,” Davis said.

In the 2014-15 Student Guide on page 71, it states all of the parking regulations on the Northwest Senatobia campus.

The color of the decal issued will designate the zone in which vehicles may be parked. Any motor vehicle, which is parked in an area not designated as the proper zone, will be ticketed. Resident students must park in their assigned residence hall lot.

“I have taken away red spots to make sure students have parking around their dorms,” Davis said. “In turn, we have also added more red spots to make sure parking for the staff is here too.”

Parking tickets are issued by police officers, but Assistant Director of Campus Life and Housing Ed Carroll sets ticket prices.

According to Davis, most parking tickets are $20 or higher.  There are two different types of tickets issued on campus: parking tickets and campus appearance tickets.

Campus appearance tickets include all offenses listed on pages 30-33 in the 2014-15 Student Guide.

· Weapons

·  Violence to Persons

·  Drugs

·  Alcohol

·  Disorderly Conduct

·  Acts of Dishonesty

·  Safety and Endangerment

·   Trespassing

·   Compliance

·  Property Abuse

·  Technology Abuse

·  Residence Hall Policies

·  Learning Resources Code of Conduct

·  Dress Code

·  Student Organization Regulations

·  Federal, State and/or Local Law

If you violate a traffic offense while on campus, you can either be charged with a campus appearance ticket or as a state issued ticket at the officer’s discretion.

Students do have the right to appeal either type of tickets. Appeal forms are found in the Campus Police Office in the McLendon Center. Once the appeal form is filled out, it is then given to the officer who issued the ticket.

The officer can either deny the appeal or grant the appeal. If the appeal is denied the process is still not over.

An appeal board made up of faculty and staff meets every other month to read over appeals, and they have the right to overturn the ticket.

“So once you get a ticket, it is not the end of the world,” Davis said.

According to Davis, students typically find out if their ticket has been appealed within a month or two months. Students can also check back with campus police to see if the ticket has been appealed.

Students can also check their myNWCC account and can pay all tickets and other fees online. Failure to pay a ticket will result in not being able to take final exams; therefore, no grade will be received in all classes.

“Remember, ignorance of the rules is no excuse. We go above and beyond to make sure that everyone knows the rules,” Davis said. “The school spends a lot of money making sure we print up enough Student Guides every year; they are available to everyone.”

The main dress code violations police and staff members are seeing is exposure of skin and undergarments.

In the Student Guide on page 68, it outlines the proper dress code expected of Northwest students on campus.

“You can not show any undergarments period—tops and bottoms all need to be covered and no outfit should be disruptive. We have had students wear fishnet shirts that expose their undergarments, so that is disruptive,” Davis said. “We are not trying to be hard about this, we are just trying to prepare students for the real world working environment.”

Students are not allowed to be seen with the opposite sex after 10 p.m. Open dorm is on Monday and Tuesday from 6-10 p.m. Any other times or days other than what is listed is a violation and students will be ticketed.

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