Northwest launches rewards app

By Corey McKinney

There is now an app to reward students when they attend Northwest events.

Students who use the Ranger Rewards app will receive items ranging from a free Gatorade to possibly a T-shirt.

The app itself is very easy to use. You simply download the free app from the iTunes store or Google Play, sign up for free and check into sporting events. Once the event is scheduled, you can check into the event an hour before it starts.

For each event you attend, it will give you a certain amount of points. Each kind of event is worth a different amount of points. Build your points to receive all kinds of free gifts. To receive points, you log onto the Ranger Rewards app, click on events and choose the event you are attending. It will then add points to your total.

When you open the app, there will be six icons on the app’s home screen – Events, Awards, Account, Fan Poll, Social and Leaders.  When you go into each section of the app, you can do different activities involving Ranger events.

This app is not limited to Ranger athletic events. All events on campus, including band concerts and school plays, are eligible to receive points if attended.

“This is the ultimate game changer for Northwest athletics. We’re the first school in Mississippi to use SuperFanU, a loyalty rewards program, and we hope that it will not only boost attendance but bring fans together. It is still a learning process, as we are still figuring out how to use it,” Kevin Maloney, the director of Sports Information at Northwest, said. “We will gradually increase the awards.”

This app had 78 registered users within 48 hours of its launch on Sept. 2.

Northwest also has the most followers on social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, in the Mississippi community college system.

Show your Ranger loyalty, download the app, and start adding points to earn free prizes.

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