Wi-Fi problems hope to be fixed soon

By Andrew McDonald

So far this semester, as with any, students are learning about changes happening on campus. One change that has taken notice by the students, particularly the ones living on campus, is the removal of the Ethernet ports in dorm rooms, leading to over usage, slowing and even occasional crashing of the schools Wi-Fi.

The school made the change this semester to full Wi-Fi. Yet, with changes such as this, the kinks have not all been worked out yet. Many students are displeased with the current state of the Wi-Fi connection.

“Not having the Ethernet ports in the room makes it less convenient and harder to do homework, when you need the internet,” Thomas Mote, a sophomore education major who lives in Marshall Hall, said.

Joe Shidler, a sophomore general college major who lives in Tallahatchie Hall, experienced trouble connecting his MacBook specifically to the Wi-Fi.

“Apple computers struggle to connect to the school’s Wi-Fi , and the Wi-Fi doesn’t work well most of the time. Connecting through an Ethernet port would make things so much easier,” Shidler said.

Another returning sophomore and Tallahatchie resident, Jon Morgan Bell, also had difficulties with the Wi-Fi. “I had a book report due on a Thursday night at 11 p.m., and the Wi-Fi wasn’t working, so it wouldn’t send to my professor. After a few hours of trying to send it, I finally had to leave campus at 10:30 p.m. and go to Burger King just to send the report in on time,” Bell said.

Northwest’s Network Administrator, Chuck Adams, answered many questions and concerns, as well as provided optimism for improved Wi-Fil.

“The decision to remove the Ethernet ports from dorms was prompted by the renovation of Gainey and Bobo dorms. A survey of dorm Internet usage revealed very low usage of the existing ethernet ports. The survey also revealed growing Wi-Fi usage. The decision was made along with the Northwest Housing Department to put our efforts into the Wi-Fi network,” Adams said.

Adams said that he understands that some students are having issues with the wireless.

“This is due to some networking issues with our main switch, which was replaced this summer.  Network Support is working to correct these issues so all students have a better Wi-Fi experience. We want the NWCC Wi-Fi network to provide our students and staff with the type service they need to be successful, and we will not be satisfied until we get it to that level,” Adams said.

Adams hopes to see the problems fixed soon.

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