Work-Study jobs are filled for the year


Judy Weeks, Work-Study coordinator in the Financial

Aid Office, assists a student with Work-Study.  (Photo

by Mekavia Lesure)

By Mekavia Lesure

The Work-Study Program helps students through college financially but also prepares them for the real world.

According to Judy Weeks, Work-Study coordinator in the Financial Aid Office, to become eligible for the federal Work-Study program, students must be eligible for the Pell Grant.

Steps to complete to be eligible for Work-Study:

  • Fill out your FASFA, and mark yes if you’re interested in Work-Study.
  • Fill out the Work-Study application.
  • Get accepted.
  • Attend the job fair.
  • Get hired.

The hours offered will depend on the eligibility, but it’s usually 10 hours a week.

“The minimum wage starts a $7.25 an hour,” Weeks said.

There are 31 Northwest Work-Study positions and 100 students on federal Work-Study program.

“I do computer work; I watch over the lab, and if anybody has any questions from the other Northwest campuses, I just transfer them over to one of the faculty members in the computer lab,” Ashley Harthcock, a freshman majoring in veterinary from Senatobia, said.

Around 200 Work-Study invitations were sent out and about 75 people showed up this year.

“I attended the job fair this year, and it was well organized and I liked it,” Morghan House, a freshman majoring in pre-nursing from Senatobia, said.

The deadline to apply for Work Study was July 1, but since there were still job openings, they kept taking applications.

“The students have to meet the certain requirements to get hired for the Work-Study program,” Weeks said.

There are currently no more jobs available for Work-Study this academic year, because they hire for the whole year.

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