Five tips to getting better grades

By Samantha Whittle

In college, whether a university or a community college, students have to make the best grades they can. Most students get caught up in the student life, not studying as much as they should or focusing on one specific class that is their hardest, forgetting to studying for the others. When grades drop, students need help. According to Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D. on, there are tips on how to improve grades:

1.  Get Organized – Getting a planner and using it helps keep every deadline, test schedule and homework in order. Therefore, the student will not forget what they have to do each night.

2.  Attend Class – Be at every class meeting, unless there is absolutely no way to be. Then, find out what was missed during class.

3.  Time Management – Time should be managed where students have enough time to complete work assignments for each class, along with any other activities planned, but do not overextend yourself to every activity possible.

4.  Be an Active Student – Listen to the professor and take as many notes as you can, ask the professor if you don’t understand and study the notes.

5.  Allies Not Enemies – Think of professors as allies or partners, not enemies that are fighting to make every student fail.  All professors want their students to do is pay attention, learn and pass the class.

Alisa June Turner, Spanish instructor, agrees that students should know ways to improve their grades.

“When you are juggling several classes, that is not easy, but there are so many organizers to use to keep track of every class,” Turner said. “When you come to class, go ahead and take out the materials you know are needed.”

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