Q & A with Sara Lytle

By Lauren Benton


Sara Lytle is a freshman forward for the Lady Rangers from Memphis studying general education.

Q: What has been your favorite part about being a Lady Ranger this season?

A: Playing with my sister, Bethany Lytle.

Q: Who are some WNBA or NBA players you look up to, and what do you take from their game?

A: Jason Williams from the Memphis Grizzlies and his passing.

Q: When did you start taking an interest in basketball?

A: When I was 12. My dad always played basketball, and it’s all my family does.

Q: What are some hobbies you enjoy besides basketball?

A: I like to write books, sing, play piano, draw, paint and hang

out with my younger siblings.

Q: What are some memorable moments in your basketball career?

A: When my sisters Bethany, Leah, my little sister, and I all started

at the same time in high school.

Q: What are your goals for this season?

A: To be a good team, not necessarily a winning team, but a fundamentally good team and helping my teammates and myself grow

closer to Christ.

Q: How does it feel to be undefeated so far this season?

A: Winning to me doesn’t mean that much, just as long as our team is good, but it is a good feeling.

Q: In the game against Mid-South you scored a personal high of 18 points, how did that feel?

A: It felt really good. My parents were there to support me that game. It is really fun to represent Christ in such a positive way.

Q: How do you prepare yourself before a game, mentally and physically?

A: I make sure I eat all the right food and drink plenty of water because I know I will be putting out a lot of energy. Mentally, I

think to myself, if I play for Christ nothing can go wrong. I don’t think about points, I think about rebounds and playing defense as hard as I can.

Ranger mascot returns after 30 years

By Lauren Benton & Kreneice Reid


The Ranger mascot, “Danger,” made his grand comeback after being gone for a little over 30 years at the basketball home opener against Mid-South during the half-time show of the men’s game.

Liesl Mote, sponsor of the Ranger cheer squad, campaigned and petitioned to bring back the mascot.

According to Mote, he is on scholarship and a part of the cheer squad as well.

“I think he has added a ton of spirit to the basketball and fans already,” Mote said.

Danger will not only be at all of the home men and women’s basketball games, but he will be making appearances at all of the home and away football games next fall. He will also be at other student athletic events around campus as requested, according to Mote.

The mascot seems to know quite a few moves and interacted with the cheer squad and fans very well. Students cheered him on as he glided across the court doing several back flips and then landed into doing the “worm.”

“The mascot is funny and smooth. I’d like to see more of him during the half time presentation,” D’Javontai Walton, from Horn Lake who is studying exercise science, said.

Final exams set for Dec. 9-16

By Lauren Benton & Larry Mason

Finals at Northwest have arrived.  That means the Ranger Bookstore will be buying back used books, students will be completing the clearnace process and dead week will occur within residence halls.

Finals week is Dec. 9-16. Before students are eligible to take

final exams, they must be cleared of all fines and fees that they were charged during the semester. Clearance began Dec. 3 and will run

through Dec. 5.

“Students can check in books and return school items, such as sports and band equipment to the library,” Maggie Moran, director of Learning Resources, said.

Fines and fees are to be paid on the second floor of the McCormick Building in the Business


According to Jennifer Luna, accounts receivable clerk, there is an option so that students can pay their fines and fees online at northwestms.edu, by clicking on

myNWCC under outstanding fees. Although you can pay these fines online, students must make sure to stop by the business office to recieve a clearance slip.

Students must have clearance slips signed before they are allowed to take final exams.

Book buy-back will be held Dec.11-16 from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.  According to Joel Boyles, director of Union Services, various books will be bought back.

This includes hardback books and books that are not being upgraded next semester. Books that have access codes will not be purchased.

A separate table will be set up in the bookstore for the books that

the Ranger Bookstore will not buy back.

Students who reside in residence halls will have dead week from Dec. 1-8, until final exams week. Dead week means:

• No open dorm

• No visitors (this means no one but residents of your residence hall may visit)

• No overnight guests

Quiet hours are enforced 24/7, so that each student can be focused on studying for final exams.

Residents must leave their dorms within 12 hours of their last exam and no later than 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 16.

Students who are

returning to the same rooms next semester need to make sure all

electronics are unplugged and all valuables are taken home.

Any items that could spoil or rot need to be thrown away and trash

needs to be thrown in the waste containers located outside of the

dorm. Also make sure that windows are locked  and blinds are down,

turned open. Last, but not least, make sure to turn off all lights and

doors lock.

Students prepare for final exams

Students enrolled in News Writing and Reporting I asked students, faculty and staff members how they prepare for final exams. Students include Larry Mason, Kyra Henderson, Samantha Whittle, Reagan Pepper, Judith Becker, Katelyn Hicks, Cady Jones, Kreneice Reid and Ben Stafford.

Concert season underway

By Andrew McDonald

Throughout the month of November, as well as the early days of December, concert season for the Division of Fine Arts was truly underway. It seemed as though there were never more than a few days that passed, that one couldn’t head over to the auditorium to hear some ear pleasing music and see the hard work put in by the students and faculty involved.

On Thursday, Nov. 6, the Northwest Jazz band took the stage and filled the auditorium with soulful jazz. On Nov. 13, the Northwest Entertainers filled the auditorium with singing and dancing and received rave reviews from all in attendance. As the next week came along, the Northwest Singers had their concert on Nov. 20.  They showcased beautiful singing and brilliant harmonies.

Coming off of Thanksgiving break, the Northwest band would lead the Senatobia Christmas parade blasting trumpets and drums to the tune of a medley of Christmas hits. Following that on Dec. 4, the Northwest auditorium would host the department’s Christmas concert, featuring performances by the Symphonic Winds band, the Wind Ensemble and many other fantastic music ensembles.