Concert season underway

By Andrew McDonald

Throughout the month of November, as well as the early days of December, concert season for the Division of Fine Arts was truly underway. It seemed as though there were never more than a few days that passed, that one couldn’t head over to the auditorium to hear some ear pleasing music and see the hard work put in by the students and faculty involved.

On Thursday, Nov. 6, the Northwest Jazz band took the stage and filled the auditorium with soulful jazz. On Nov. 13, the Northwest Entertainers filled the auditorium with singing and dancing and received rave reviews from all in attendance. As the next week came along, the Northwest Singers had their concert on Nov. 20.  They showcased beautiful singing and brilliant harmonies.

Coming off of Thanksgiving break, the Northwest band would lead the Senatobia Christmas parade blasting trumpets and drums to the tune of a medley of Christmas hits. Following that on Dec. 4, the Northwest auditorium would host the department’s Christmas concert, featuring performances by the Symphonic Winds band, the Wind Ensemble and many other fantastic music ensembles.



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