How to get back in the swing of school life

By Samantha Whittle

Many students have a difficult time returning to school after a long, or even short, break. After the Christmas break that was only one day short of being a month long, many may have a hard time figuring out how to return as a student.

One of the main ways to return to school habits is to get plenty of sleep. Set a time to go to sleep every night of the weekday and try to keep up with that schedule. This gives the student plenty of rest and can also help heal any colds or sicknesses that may arise from the winter weather. Obtaining enough sleep allows the mind and body to rest and can also help students remember more information. Although these are the natural ways to get back into school life, some students might have other ways.

“I go to bed late and wake up early in order to get use to going to bed early. It makes me want to go to bed earlier and earlier every night,” Stephanie Patrick, a freshman studying secondary education from Sarah, said. “Then I spend lots of time in the library to get use to studying.”

Many students stay out late and will let their schoolwork come after everything else during the day. In high school, parents would always have their kids do their homework at a certain time when they get home, usually directly when the kid gets home. Now when the kid has more of an option to do the work, it is better for them to set a time for homework too.

“I don’t really go to bed early, but I try to get in the habit of doing my homework at a certain time every night,” Andrea Geeslin, a sophomore studying general college from Strayhorn, said. “Getting back in the habit of homework helps because it is so easy to fall behind if you don’t stick with getting the work done.”

Some students try to keep in the habit of school even when they are out for breaks or summer.

“I never really ‘swing out’ of school. Since I love going to school, whenever I’m out of school I feel out of my niche and that I should be in school,” Colton Edlin, a freshman studying general college from Senatobia, said. “Even over the summer I miss school and still usually wake up early as if I should be going to school.”

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