Northwest grounds get a facelift

By Larry Mason

IMG_5117 IMG_5118

Grounds crews work outside of Yalobusha Hall.  (Photos by Kreneice Reid)

Students and faculty can see that the Northwest Senatobia campus has received an upgrade. Numerous trees, shrubs, flowers and plants have been planted by the school’s grounds crew over the last few months.

From mulched flower beds and sod, to methodically placed trees and shrubs around campus, Northwest’s grounds keepers have been extremely busy landscaping the grounds for a better aesthetic view when walking around the campus.

According to Jerry Cathy, the assistant manager of the grounds crew, they have planted about 50 trees this semester, consisting of crepe myrtles, holly bushes, and dogwood trees. Colorful flowers and small shrubs were also planted.

“There are about 100 or more that are planned to be planted this semester. These will consist of mostly shrubs,” Cathy said.

According to Cathy, each member of the grounds crew has a piece of themselves in the work that has been done. They take a lot of pride in improving the overall look of the Northwest campus.

All students and faculty were urged to help the grounds crew out by picking up litter and putting it in the trash cans scattered around campus. With help, it will make it much easier to keep the campus beautiful.

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