What your student I.D. can get you outside of school

By Paige Grady

ID photo

How many college students actually know how useful their student I.D. is? Most students believe it is only used for identification or as a school credit card, but it is a gateway to so many more opportunities.

Students in college will take full advantage of any discount or offer thrown their way. Several restaurants and a few clothing stores offer small discounts to a student when he/she shows them his/her valid student I.D.

What is better than getting a small percentage off food? Nothing.

Rancho Grande Mexican Restaurant, Lenny’s Sub Shop (Malco Blvd.), Three Guys Pizza Pies and Hibachi Express—all located in Southaven—offer a 10 percent discount on a whole meal when an I.D. is presented at the counter. In Senatobia, restaurants such as El Charro, Rio Lindo and Coleman’s BBQ also give a 10 percent discount on any meal purchased.

Every two or three months, Urban Outfitters in Memphis offers college students 30 percent off their entire purchase, but a college identification card must be shown for the complete discount.

For students entering college or for students who are already accepted and attending, Apple offers great discounts for all of their products. The discount is offered in stores and online. By typing store.apple.com into the URL, an education link at the bottom of the screen will appear. Upon clicking that link, a student will choose the school they are currently attending or the school that they will be attending. After clicking the correct school in the correct city and state, it will take the student to a page where he/she can begin shopping for the perfect laptop, phone, or tablet.

As opposed to paying the original $1,099 for a regular MacBook Pro, the student discount subtracts $100, making the new total $999 with free shipping. Apple even allows a student purchasing one of their products a monthly payment plan if the full $999 is not in his/her budget right away. For online purchases, no student I.D. card is needed, but for in-store purchases, a recent acceptance letter, class schedule, or I.D. must be shown.

For any sporting event held at Northwest, a student I.D. can be used as a free entrance pass.

The Tobie Cinema offers $5 movie tickets with the presentation of a valid student I.D.

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