Clearance set for May 6-8

By Samantha Whittle

Clearance is the process at Northwest where students make sure to pay all outstanding fees and return all uniforms, books or equipment to the appropriate places.

The deadline to return all library books is May 6. If books are not returned, the student is put on a list where they cannot get through clearance until the book is either returned or paid for. Students will be able to complete the clearance process between 8 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. on May 6-8.

“If you return the book before May 6, everything is much easier,” Courtney Hicks, reference librarian on the Senatobia campus, said.

The clearance process will go as normal. Students start off by returning books and will be instructed if they need to complete anything else. Next, the student will go to the Business Office window in the Administrative building on the third floor to pay any fees. Then, their clearance slip will be signed.

“I don’t think we should have to go through clearance,” Alexandria King, a sophomore studying liberal arts from Holly Springs, said. “We have been through school this long, so we should know what to do.”

Without a signed clearance slip, students cannot take their finals and will therefore fail the course. Although some students do not agree with this process, it is important to make sure everyone’s dues are paid.

One thought on “Clearance set for May 6-8

  1. Great article Sam !

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