Book buy back set May 11-14

By Lauren Benton

Selling your textbooks back is probably the second most exciting thing students look forward to besides acing their finals at the end of the semester.

The Northwest Ranger Bookstore will be buying back textbooks May

11-14 from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. All students must bring a photo ID to sell

their books back.

According to Valeria Red, bookstore clerk, books that the bookstore buys back can be marked in as long as the pages are not missing and the book has no water damage.  Most books new or used will be bought back.

Red recommends that students who have paid fees in the Business

Office should not sell back books the same day. She says that if they do, their fees will end up being paid twice.

The bookstore clerk also asks students to be patient and to not get angry with personnel working the book buyback, because they have no

control over which books instructors choose to keep for the following semester.

“The instructors are the ones who pick the books for the next

semester, not us,” Red said.

As far as how much students will get back on textbooks, Red says that Northwest is one of the few colleges that actually gives you the most money back for the books you sell to them.

“You get back half of what you paid, whether it is new or used. If it’s in fair condition, you get half of what you paid for it,” Red said. “Those people who set up in tents around the area only give you back street value on those books”

The textbooks that will not be used the next semester can be bought from a private book company that will also be set up in the Ranger Bookstore thoughout the book buy back week.

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