“Mama Won’t Fly” starts Oct. 21

By Teresa Andrews and Bethany Underwood


Mary Addyson Harville (l-r), Jasmine Kelley and Jorge

Ortega rehearse the betrothal scene of “Mama Won’t Fly” on Sept. 11.

(Photo by Samantha Whittle)

The upcoming play “Mama Won’t Fly,” is a comedy about a race against the clock.

The performances will take place on Oct. 21 and 23-24 at 7 p.m. and Oct. 25 at 2 p.m. in the Fine Arts Auditorium. There will not be a performance on Oct. 22 due to a football game.

Savannah, played by Jenna Taylor, is placed in charge of taking Mama, played by Alexis Bryner, from Alabama to California for her brother’s wedding within four days.

Mama refuses to travel by plane, so a cross-country road trip ensues.  Haley Quinn, Savannah’s sister- in-law, decides she wants to ride with them, because she thinks it’s a great way to bond.

Their bonding road trip quickly becomes a comedy when they come across a museum and find the accidental homicide of an ancient Texas relative.

This ferociously funny, family-friendly, Jones-Hope-Wooten comedy will have you laughing your way across the country and all the way down the aisle.

The cast list includes seven females and three males.

Mama is played by Alexis Bryner; Savannah by Jenna Taylor and Hayley by Charlotte Malone. Essie, Juliette, Rema Jean and Sybil are being played by Laurie Purtle. Tanya, Ardale and Teera are played by Jasmine Kelley. Pawnee is being played by Ashley Vinson. Edweena and Kiki are played by Mary Addyson Harville.

Denton, Officer Dugger, Chicken and Spud are played by Phillip Aaron Brasher. Mitch, Ronald and Kelvin will be played by Jorge Ortega. Mickey, Red and Uncle Fred are played by Matthew Keegan Riley.

The play is free to attend for all Northwest students who have their ID.

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