Student safety a priority for Campus Police

By Larry Mason


Campus Police are working to improve campus safety

by patrolling and conducting drills. If in an emergency,

students can contact the Campus Police by calling (662) 562-3314.

(Photo by Larry Mason)

     Northwest’s Campus Police department works hard each semester to provide the students, faculty and staff with a safe place for teaching, learning and studying. They train and test new and familiar practices each semester, so that they can ensure the safest possible environment for everyone.

Faculty members received a packet at the beginning of this semester with information on the procedures for handling emergency situations. The updated Emergency Response Plan that is passed out covers everything from bomb threats and campus evacuations to epidemics and civil disturbances. The plan maps out protocols for every type of dangerous situation, so the campus community can safely follow the plan to prevent injuries.

This semester, a lockdown drill was conducted on all campuses, which helps to prepare the campus community in the event a situation occurs on campus that requires this reaction.

The lockdown drill starts with a Ranger Alert being sent out by text to all subscribed users. Then, depending on where you are and what you are doing on campus; you will shelter in place appropriately, this will continue until an all-clear is sent out.

The lockdown drill is also timed by the Campus Police, so that they can calculate the efficiency of the campus preparedness. According to Chief of Police Zabe Davis, timing the drill gives the Campus Police accurate information on the process, which helps them gain knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses in an emergency situation.

The department also holds mandatory fire and tornado drills that help with the preparations for possible residence hall emergencies.

Davis urges the students and faculty of Northwest to pay attention to the alerts that are sent out and be aware of their surroundings. He also urges everyone to report anything out of the ordinary on campus.

On top of rigorous planning and training, Campus Police also have the credentials to back up their methods. Many of the officers, including Davis, have S.W.A.T. training, and other tactical levels of training and preparation. There are also officers with medical training that can be beneficial during emergencies on campus.

“My mission and the department’s mission is to provide a safe environment that is conducive for learning,” Davis said.

Anyone who is interested in obtaining the Emergency Response Plan can find a copy on the Campus Police webpage.

You can subscribe to Ranger Alerts by texting 955-77.

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