Cast is set for production of ‘The Boys Next Door’

By Mariah Wallace

On  Aug. 29, the Northwest Theater Department hosted one of several auditions scheduled for the upcoming school year.

The fall production for this year is “The Boys Next Door” by Tom Griffin, directed by Sadie Shannon. The anticipation for this audition was high while long lines assembled with nervous but excited students to perform.

“I feel like I did very good, and I don’t mind putting on a show for anyone,” Kelton Holman, a freshman studying theater from Charleston, said.  Holman auditioned for the part Lucien.

James Dickson, a sophomore studying theater from Tunica, said, when he read the play, he felt it was great and that he knows what to expect for his audition. James has a passion for directing and acting, and this led him to major in theater. He also auditioned for the role of Lucien.

“I am really nervous but excited at the same time,” Prichan Murrell, a sophomore studying theater from Senatobia, said.  She states she loves theater, and that she can’t see herself in any other profession, because it gives her life and freedom to express herself. She auditioned for the role of Shelia and any other female ensemble role.

After long auditions and callbacks, the cast of “The Boys Next Door” are as follows: Keegan Riley, Kelton Holman, Christina Hinton, Bailey Coleman, Jorge Ortega, Rob Smith, Prichan Murrell, Mariah Wallace, Preslie Cowley, Jon Tacket and Jacob Vogelsang.

The show will be held Oct. 26, 28-30.

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