Learning how to balance relationships, school

By Morgan Shingler

Starting school, most students have two or three things on their minds: grades, relationships and food. These are all very important but among these three topics there has to be a balance.

Relationships can still be a priority while in college, you just have to manage your time and understand that school and studying are as much a priority as your significant other is. With relationships and school can come issues, and there are ways to help improve both.

Making a schedule and sticking with it can be a major key in this play of events. Write your schedule down a day ahead of time and stick to it. Writing down a schedule and having a list of things to do is going to be a lot more convenient than trying to remember the things off the top of your head. Your memory is good, but it is not always the most reliable, especially when you have had a long and stressful week.

Studying together and making lunch a time to hang out can also be an effective way to balance your time and still stick to your schedule. Many college students will stop and say they do not have time for lunch, but making time will make things easier. It is hard to eat lunch and do homework at the same time. Coordinate that time with a conversation and quality time with your significant other. That way you get the chance to stay healthy, eat regularly and be happy.

Distractions come in all shapes and forms, and yes, they can come from friends, relationships and even social media. Cut down on the distractions and make studying a priority. Your degree should be more important than what movie is going to be playing or what the latest gossip is. If you stay on top of your work and make it a habit to study rather than a chore, your weekends for the most part can be a little more stress free and exciting.

Though both relationships and school work can be exciting, there can be difficulties that can arise. Northwest offers services to help in this case. Anyone you know in an abusive relationship or who needs counseling dealing with stress/grades, the Student Development Center offers those services, and they are completely confidential. Signs of abusive relationships vary from an unpredicable temper to being excessively possessive and limiting your contact to both friends and family. Be aware of the signs and know that there are people on campus willing and eager to help.

The Student Development Center is located in Tate Hall on the Senatobia campus.

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