Parking woes on a college campus

By Greg Lush

Parking can be tough to find on many college campuses. There are times when finding a spot can be very difficult at some locations. When it comes to parking, there are a few things Northwest students should take into consideration.

In order to park on campus, there are a few basic rules to follow. All students who plan to operate a vehicle and park on campus are required to have a specific parking decal that will allow them parking privileges. The decals available come in different colors that correspond with where to park. White, green, blue and red decals should be placed on your vehicle for the parking you will use. The parking available on campus is reserved for commuting students, members of faculty and male and female dorm residents.

The first decal you will receive will be free of charge from Campus Police located inside the McLendon Center on campus. All students should make sure they have the right decal they need. Not getting the proper decal could result in a ticket from Campus Police. If a ticket is issued and not paid in a timely manner, it could result in a student being restricted from taking exams necessary for class. All tickets do have an appeals process that goes from Campus Police to the Business Office. The Business Office can give a clearance slip to any student who has received a ticket. Any student with issues with a given ticket should contact Campus Police to begin an appeals process.

“Today, students are basically guaranteed a valid parking space somewhere on campus. Make sure you arrive early and park in your assigned parking. If you do that, you will have nothing to worry about,” Chief of Police Zabe Davis said.

If a student is forced to drive another automobile to campus, a temporary decal may be issued for $1. The temporary pass is valid for up to five school days. One standard parking decal is issued for free each semester.

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