Important life skills should be learned now

By Morgan Shingler

Whether it be from childhood or after high school, everyone was always told time and time again, “You need to remember this, you will need it for college,” and most of the time they were correct. Throughout life, you will run into people of different races, religions and most importantly people of different mindsets.

Regardless of any of those characteristics, one needs to prepare themselves to be ready in any given situation and to handle it positively and with ease.

Relating to the people around you will be the first step in situations to come and will help you in the future more than it will now. You may have your own opinions about things and how things should be done, but that should never become an issue or progress will not be made. While in school, relating to others can be a major factor when doing group work or even with deadlines and work material being turned in. Meanwhile the work force business deals and situations in the medical field require those certain people skills.

Develop a professional version of yourself. Do not become a fake person, but make sure that there is a line not to cross when mixing business and your personal life. Be yourself but develop a work personality that is all business and knows how to get the job done. Playing around is OK when out of class, but while in class it is not the place. You are there to learn and not waste time. The same applies to work and business ventures.

Time management will always be something that one needs to practice. Not just every other day but every day. It is always needed. Getting to class on time makes all the difference between passing a class and failing a class. It also applies to getting written up at work and getting In trouble for showing up an hour after you were scheduled. Growing older comes with responsibility, and that is one thing that should not be taken lightly.

“Practice makes habit,” Allie Coughlin, a clinical supervisor at Youth Villages from Memphis said. “You have to know what works for you, whether it be a planner or a schedule on your phone. It gets easier and becomes a habit over time.”

Presentations in class, doing research and taking responsibility are all major skills to keep with you over the period of your life.    They not only will help with business in your future career but even if you become involved in group organizations and social clubs when you get older. A lot of the things you are taught now as a student will once again come up as time goes on. Believe your teachers when they tell you it will definitely be needed. They are doing the best that they can to help you grow and become the people you are destined to be.

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