Northwest Student Book Exchange offers a way to sell books

By Mariah Wallace

During the beginning of a semester, students know they will have to buy books for each course.  Each class may require a book or two or maybe a code. The bookstore is an option for purchasing a textbook and other necessities, but if there was another cheaper option, students wouldn’t be out of money and saving wouldn’t be a problem.

To solve this issue, there is an exchange system on Facebook for students looking for a certain textbook or code that students can purchase new or used under $70. Also, students can resell a textbook for any price. The name of this system is the Northwest Student Book Exchange. This book exchange was founded in 2014 by Mike Haskins, a former Northwest student who felt the need for students to save money and resell their textbooks to other students.

It all started when Haskins began to post his used textbooks on his Facebook page and eventually made a group that would cater to selling books.

Two years after having the group created, nearly 2,000 members buy and sell books daily. “It’s been a great resource for students and some instructors,” Haskins said. “It’s a very active group, and we usually add at least eight to 10 students daily.” To be able to take part in the book exchange, go to the Northwest Student Book Exchange on Facebook and request to join. A group administrator will review your request to join and you will soon be added.

Haskins now is a senior integrated marketing communications major at Ole Miss and still runs the Northwest Student Book Exchange in his free time along with other people. Take advantage of this helpful resource! It can help you save and get you money at the same time!

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