What’s on television: a review of the hottest shows

By Allen Brewer, David Campbell & Morgan Shingler

During this semester, many networks are airing new shows and renewing seasons of beloved series. Here are a few of the shows that the Ranger Rocket staff enjoys.

“Emerald City” 

“Emerald City” is a new fantasy TV show broadcasting on NBC. The show first premiered on Jan. 6 with a two-hour special. It is basically the Wizard of Oz but told in greater detail with a few new elements. In this world, Magic is outlawed by the Wizard who claims to have defeated the beast forever, a creature that takes the form of natural disasters, with his stone gains. The Witches, North and West, pretend to be loyal to the wizard, but secretly despise him. Then news breaks of a girl who has killed their sister East who might be the final form of the beast forever. Meanwhile, Dorothy, played by Adria Arjona, is lost in the land of Oz running from soldiers and witches with her new friend Lucas. “Emerald City” airs on Friday at 8 p.m. Central time.


“Taboo” is a new show on FX that first premiered on Jan. 10. The show takes place in London at the end of the Revolutionary War. James Delaney, played by Tom Hardy, mysteriously arrives back from Africa for his father’s funeral. Delaney, who was rumored to have died aboard a slave ship, has now inherited a land deed in North America that would be very valuable to the British. Delaney goes about his own business settling his father’s late business while the West Indian Company plot to have him assassinated. While the show has not yet confirmed this information, Delaney seems to have some supernatural powers to talk to the dead. The show is now on television on Tuesday at 9 p.m. Central time


The CW’s lineup of shows based on hit DC comics has started back up this week after their midseason break, beginning with “Supergirl,” the newest of the many DC adaptations, on Monday night. “Supergirl” is based on the DC comic with the same name, and originally aired on ABC Family before it was adopted by the CW. “Supergirl” is a somewhat lighthearted superhero show about Superman’s cousin, Kara aka Supergirl, as she follows in her cousin’s footsteps and begins her career of fighting crime. She faces several foes and gains several allies as she becomes a symbol of hope for National City.

“The Flash”

“The Flash” is second in CW’s DC lineup, and returned on Tuesday along with “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.” “The Flash” is another lighthearted comic book show that follows the story of Barry Allen, who is also known as the super-speedster Flash. The midseason finale left us with a lot of questions, and even though it wasn’t quite a cliffhanger, there’s no doubt that fans are anxious to see what’s next. Flash has faced many seemingly invincible opponents before, but now he’s about to showdown with a god, and it just might destroy him.

“DC’s Legends of Tomorrow”

Sharing Tuesday night with “The Flash,” “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” follows a group of lesser-known DC heroes as they team up to travel through time and space to thwart other time travelers who would have disastrous effects on the timeline of history. Featuring characters from other DC shows such as “Arrow” and “The Flash,” “Legends” creates an interesting mix of characters similar to DC’s Justice League or Marvel’s Avengers.

“A Series of Unfortunate Events”

Many people know the books entitled “A Series of Unfortunate Events.” Netflix has now come up with a whole series devoted to those books. The series involves all of the characters including the well-known Count Olaf as well as Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire. The series is about the Baudelaire children who are left as orphans after their mother and father die due to a fire at their home. They are then sent to relatives of the family to live with them and are also being left an enormous fortune that will be given to Violet when she comes of age. The entire series is literally what the title describes as unfortunate, as the siblings fight to be happy and stay alive.

Suspects arrested for car break-ins

By Greg Lush

Three suspects were arrested in connection to vehicle break-ins at the beginning of the semester.

Over the weekend following the first day of classes, three suspects were apprehended by Northwest Campus and Senatobia Police. Upon discovery by Campus Police, the suspects fled on foot only to be arrested by Senatobia Police.

The suspects were allegedly breaking into unlocked vehicles that were parked outside student housing. The areas in connection were the Marshall and Tallahatchie apartments. Only unlocked vehicles were broken into.

The suspects are also considered to be involved in other similar style break-ins around the Senatobia area. Several stolen items were recovered by authorities.

It is requested that any student who has had items stolen contact the Northwest Campus Police.

Several Items are still unclaimed.

Campus Police also request that you bring a list of missing items, along with vehicle information (description and tag number).

It is important that students remember to keep dorms, vehicles and personal belongings secured and locked as much as possible.

Around 5-10 vehicles on campus were burglarized, and the suspects were taken into custody by Senatobia Police.

“Students need to make sure they are locking their vehicles. That will be the best deterrent against burglary,” Zabe Davis, chief of Campus Police, said.

No dorm rooms were burglarized.

New charging stations available to students


Karley Tate, a freshman studying business administration from Coldwater (left) and Phelisa LeSure, a freshman studying nursing from Nesbit charge their phones at the charging station in the library.  (Photo by Allen Brewer)

By Allen Brewer, David Campbell & Greg Lush

Students, do you find that your essential devices are running out of battery too soon in the day? Well, Northwest has installed several stations installed with various charging cables that are available to any student who needs them.

“Students rely on their mobile devices for everything; they are not just communication tools,” said Amy Latham, director of Management Information Systems. “The need students have to be able to recharge their devices is growing every day.”

Some students are already taking advantage of these stations, and the one in the cafeteria often has a line of students waiting to use it.

“I think it’s a good idea,” Katrina Robinson, a freshman studying medical office technology from Batesville, said. “We use our phones a lot to type notes, so that’s always a good thing.”

Even if not all students know about the charging stations yet, most are still excited about the potential of using them.

“I’ve never used one, but I think it’s a good idea,” Antonio Dowdell, a sophomore studying graphic design technology from Corinth, said. “It’ll be good for when you need a quick charge.”

These stations will be available on every campus, and the ones on the Senatobia campus can be found at the R.C. Pugh Library, Tunica lobby, Berry lobby, Nursing Student Lounge, McLendon Center Help Desk (Computer Lab), Math & Science lobby and in the Haraway Center Cafeteria.

There are two stations at the Oxford campus, located in the library and the Financial Aid lobby. Each station’s chargers include three Apple lightning, one  Apple 30-pin, three micro USB and one USB type C.

Lastly, there are four located at the DeSoto Center: one in the main lobby, one near the south elevator on the first floor and two in the third floor commons area.

Please note that students should not leave any device unattended. Students should stay with their devices in order to avoid loss or theft.