Suspects arrested for car break-ins

By Greg Lush

Three suspects were arrested in connection to vehicle break-ins at the beginning of the semester.

Over the weekend following the first day of classes, three suspects were apprehended by Northwest Campus and Senatobia Police. Upon discovery by Campus Police, the suspects fled on foot only to be arrested by Senatobia Police.

The suspects were allegedly breaking into unlocked vehicles that were parked outside student housing. The areas in connection were the Marshall and Tallahatchie apartments. Only unlocked vehicles were broken into.

The suspects are also considered to be involved in other similar style break-ins around the Senatobia area. Several stolen items were recovered by authorities.

It is requested that any student who has had items stolen contact the Northwest Campus Police.

Several Items are still unclaimed.

Campus Police also request that you bring a list of missing items, along with vehicle information (description and tag number).

It is important that students remember to keep dorms, vehicles and personal belongings secured and locked as much as possible.

Around 5-10 vehicles on campus were burglarized, and the suspects were taken into custody by Senatobia Police.

“Students need to make sure they are locking their vehicles. That will be the best deterrent against burglary,” Zabe Davis, chief of Campus Police, said.

No dorm rooms were burglarized.

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