Groundskeepers have big plans for spring


March showers bring April flowers. Northwest groundskeepers are sprucing up campus for the spring season.  (Photo by Allen Brewer)

By Allen Brewer

Spring 2017 is just around the corner, and Northwest groundskeepers are cooking up big plans for the Senatobia campus.

With construction of the new Football Field House and Health Sciences building being completed, campus groundskeepers are planing to start work on replanting the landscape. Groundskeepers are also planning to add new visual appeal around the sports complexes.

“The idea of ‘Landscape Maintenance Sustainability’ is a priory here on campus,” Len Lawhon, head of groundskeeping, said. “Choosing plants that are both beautiful, naturally disease and insect resistant, require only a little pruning or irrigation and are tolerant of our weather extremes are all very important requirements to make it to our approved planting lists.”

Groundskeeping is planing to plant over 100 blooming trees on the streets around the sports complexes. New types of flowering cherry trees, a tulip magnolia tree from New Zealand, hybrid redbuds and many shade trees will also be incorporated in the block.

“It is great fun to watch bloom buds swell and explode into color overnight,” Lawhon said. “I can drive through campus and see into the future of our campus with great excitement. In five years, spring on the Senatobia campus will be a community event!”

While spring hasn’t quite sprung yet, many flowering trees and bushes have already started to bloom around campus. These plants not only provide beauty to the surrounding landscape but also help to lift the sprites of students and staff.

“A well-maintained campus shows pride and attention to detail,” Lawhon said. “Both students, their parents and the entire campus staff feel good when their surroundings look good.”

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