Northwest loses one, wins one heading into spring break

By Allen Brewer

Northwest, Mississippi Delta and Coahoma met at Jim Miles Field to play a triple feature before school closed for spring break on March 10. While the day opened with Mississippi Delta and Coahoma at 11:30, things got heated when Northwest clashed with Delta.

The Rangers faced off against the Mississippi Delta Trojans during the second game and lost 14-4.

Freshman catcher/outfielder Hunter White, helped get the Rangers going by scoring off a throwing error, but the Trojans kicked it into overdrive with 10 runs in the second inning.

During the third inning, sophomore outfielder Aaron Campbell and sophomore infielder David Herrington were able to pick up two runs.

During the fifth and sixth innings, the Trojans were able to score four runs, putting the total at 14. Although the loss was inevitable, Herrington managed to get one last run in during the bottom of the seventh, totaling four runs.

It was the Rangers’ third loss in a row, but the day was not over.

During the third game of the day, the Rangers beat the Coahoma Tigers, 10-0.

Herrington scored the first run of the game in the first inning. Freshman infielder Dakota Dailey scored the next run during the second inning.

The Rangers exploded on the field in the third inning with three runs earned by Hunter on a balk, Campbell and freshman Bailey Nix added two.

During the fourth inning, Herrington made a home run for the second time. White also scored an unearned run on a passed ball.

Things were silent during the fifth inning, but the Rangers were able to wrap up the game early during the sixth inning with help from Herrington and freshman Will Brook.  The Rangers held on winning 10-0 putting their record at 12-6.


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