Catching up with former Ranger Rocket editor Sam Whittle

By Shay Humphrey
     Samantha Whittle, a junior at Ole Miss from Strayhorn, decides to change her major after writing for the Daily Mississippian. 
     During her time at Northwest, Whittle was a reporter her freshman year and editor of the Ranger Rocket her sophomore year. She received numerous honors such as Who’s Who in American Universities and Colleges, Outstanding Student and Northwest Hall of Fame. 
      When Whittle went to Ole Miss, she got an opportunity to work for the Daily Mississippian. 
     “I loved being able to write more there,” Whittle said. “It was exactly how it would be if I was employed there. We had meetings on Sundays discussing story ideas. Later, we could stay for the big meeting where the writers, editors and photographers got together to discuss what was being published that week.” 
     After her experience with the Daily Mississippian, she decided to change her major. Whittle is now majoring in elementary education with a concentration in English and Social Studies. 
     “I love writing, but I decided that I wanted a job that is a little less high maintenance for whenever I decide to get married and start a family.” 
     Even though she changed her major, Whittle still plans to work for a newspaper in the future. 
     “Mrs. Huebner really helped me with writing for a paper and getting information to the public,” Whittle said. 
     While she is continuing her journey at Ole Miss, she wants to give advice to aspiring journalists. She wants them to know to always meet deadlines, have fun with your craft, and learn AP style. 
     Whittle’s journey does not end with a change in major.  

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