Ranger Bookstore is a one-stop-shop

By David Campbell

Every student at Northwest has gone to the Ranger Bookstore at some point, but what some people may not know is that there is a lot more to the bookstore than just textbooks. At the bookstore, they sell a  variety of items at affordable prices. From snacks and school supplies to clothing and bluetooth speakers,  if there is an item that a student may need, the bookstore will most likely have it. It is basically a mini campus Walmart.

In addition to selling all of the textbooks needed for Northwest courses, they also buy your books back at the end of the semester.  Students don’t even need the receipt. All they have to do is take their textbooks to the bookstore. If the books are on the buyback list and in good condition, the bookstore clerk will ring them up and print you out a check right there, no need to go to the Business Office across campus.

Moving back to the other items offered at the bookstore, early every semester they hold a sale with discounts on a large number of items. This sale is to help students use up their remaining Pell Grant funds before they expire. Discounts are usually half off or more, and include most of the high dollar clothing items sold there.

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