Final exams held May 5-11, Clearance runs May 2-4

By David Campbell

There is only one week until final exams begin at Northwest. Students should already be preparing for their final tests of the semester, but before they can take their exams, they have to go through clearance.

Clearance begins May 2 and ends May 4; that means students will only have three days to make sure they have everything settled before the end of the semester.

Clearance includes paying any outstanding fines or fees and returning library materials.

To complete this process, students must go to the Business Office in the Administration Building to make sure they have paid any and all charges on their Northwest account, and must go to the library to make sure they don’t have any books or other miscellaneous items that need to be returned.

Once a student has completed those steps, they will be given their clearance slip that is needed to take their final exams. Final exams will be held for mini term courses on May 3-5, and for traditional courses on May 5-11.

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